It has come to our attention that our Resale Certificate is circulating to various businesses that we DO NOT conduct business with.  These businesses have been scammed by people posing as being affiliated with our business.  These scammers have also been placing orders with those companies under our Name, leaving those companies to call our establishment looking for payment on orders we never placed.  We DO NOT purchase or sell:  Major Household Appliances, Automotive Fuel, Propane or Oil Fuel, or Tires.  We are an Electrical Hardware Supply Store.  If you are a company doubting an order that was placed with our Name, please contact us immediately for verification before processing the order at:  (212) 941-1334 or (212) 431-3698.

Please note that we only have two (2) locations in NYC and nowhere else in the country or internationally.  We do not use cell phone numbers for placing orders.  The only phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses that are ours are listed on this website.  We own our domain name, and is the only domain name we use.  If in doubt, please type the web address in exactly as above.  All of our email addresses end with, except our Hotmail, which is:  We do not use any other @[insert domain here].com emails.


If your business has also been a victim to one of these schemes, report it to the FBI and the FTC.

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